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Thursday, May 3, 2012

BabbaBox Delivers Fun & Interaction for Busy Parents & Kids

It's hard but important to spend quality time interacting with your children. The biggest problems are not only finding the actual time to be with your children, but also where to find all materials and supplies aka what to do with them. Where do you even begin looking? Don't you want to spend the limited time you have with your kids engaging with them, not searching for ideas and shopping for supplies? That's where the BabbaBox comes in.
Arriving in the mail each month, the BabbaBox is a new, subscription service providing activities, materials and instruction for enriching engagement between parents and their 3- to 7-year-old children. BabbaBox contains hands-on projects, books and online adventures – all revolving around a theme-of-the-month. All materials are included in the box, making it one-stop shopping for child engagement.

The BabbaBox helps create memories. In the end, it's not the things they got that they'll remember: They'll remember what you did as a family.

Each BabbaBox revolves around one theme or life lesson -- such as gratitude, feelings or sun/moon/stars -- and incorporates four main ways children engage and learn:

Create: Hands-on craft projects

Explore: Adventures, activities and a tool or instrument -- such as a camera, or binoculars -- to engage children with the world

Story Tell: A theme-related book, selected from scores of award-winning volumes

Connect: Prepaid downloads, selected by child development specialists to reinforce each month's theme

Check out what comes in their Gratitude box and how it relates to those four ways of engaging and learning:

CREATE (3 projects):
Serving Tray: kids create their own serving tray to serve others first.
Thank you cards: decorate, write special messages, and send thank you's with our pre-stamped envelopes included.
Hot Pad: paint stamp a special message on this hot pad to gift.

EXPLORE:Disposable BabbaCo camera + photo album to snap pictures of anything you're grateful for! Print and lay them out to create your own gratitude journal.

STORY TELL:Giving Thanks is a beautifully illustrated book that takes you on a nature walk with a dad and son.

CONNECT: The Cookie Doodle app that kids can bake their own cookies to virtually gift.

Monthly memberships are available for $29.99 per month and annual subscriptions are $25 per month, delivering 12 BabbaBoxes for the price of 10. As a special offer to readers of this blog, click here to Get the BabbaBox and Save 20% on your first order! Use code: a20off

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