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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Free '101 Tips for Women Travelers' Booklet by Harriet Lewis

Traveling solo and feeling a bit self-conscious about eating alone? Grab a stool at the bar – and order your meal there. The bartender will usually try to make you feel at home, strike up a conversation, and often engage others at the counter to join in. This tip, tip #59, is just one of 101 helpful travel tips in a free new booklet, "101 Tips for Women Travelers," by Harriet Lewis.

"101 Tips for Women Travelers" is a 126-page, 5"x 7" booklet designed to fit in a woman's purse. This booklet is chock-full of unique and practical tips to make travel solo easy, enriching, and fun, including ideas on trip preparation, packing, money, transportation, health, beauty, security and safety, traveling solo, food and drink, etiquette and social tips, and more. There's a handy reference section with a foreign phrase guide, international size chart, time zones, conversion chart, packing essentials, and more.

For a free copy of "101 Tips", please call 1-800-248-3737 or visit

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