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Monday, October 24, 2011

Give your kids an edge at school

Give your kids an edge at school with these easy to read books:

Eddie Gets Ready for School
If you have a hard time getting your child ready and out the door, David Mlgrim's morning-routine checklist will get a laugh from him - and maybe even some cooperation. (4 to 8 years, $9)

Sea Monster's First Day
Trying to fit in can be scary-even for a gigantic sea creature. But this book by Kate Mesner shows readers that true friends will like you just for who you are. (4 to 8 years, $17)

Kindergarten:Hands Off, Harry!
Pint-size students learn a valuable lesson about personal space, whether they're the bullies or the bullied, in this book by Rosemary Wells. (3 to 6 years, $15)

Dinosaur vs. the Library
The popular prehistoric beast wows everyone with his roar, but he finds out that certain places require you to be on your best behavior in this amusing tale from Bob Shea. (2 to 6 years, $16)

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